VOLUME II: 1886 to 1910

Title Page


Dedication and Complementaries of Volume I

Preface and Conclusion

by Rev. W. J. Crawford


The Willamette Association. 1848
First Baptist Church of Portland. 1854
First, East Portland. 1879 (Later, Second Portland)
Immanuel of Portland. 1886 (Second)
Third Church of Portland. 1889 (Albina)
Calvary Church of Portalnd. 1890
Mount Tabor. 1883
Bethel Church. 1882 (Gresham)
The First Sellwood. 1891
Montavilla. Grace. 1894
First, Oregon City. 1847
Calvary church, The Dalles. 1888
Hillsboro. 1884
First Church of Forest Grove. 1852
First Astoria. 1877
Maineville Baptist Church. 1897. Yankton
District Missionaries
Willamette Baptist Association. 1848
Columbia River Association. 1885
The West Willamette Association
First Baptist Church or Carlton. 1870
First Baptist Church of McMinnville. 1867
Yamhill. 1846
First Dayton. 1885
Newberg. 1891
First Dallas. 1856
First Independence. Antioch. 1869
Spring Valley. 1871
First Corvallis. 1851
The Trouble in 1889
Western Baptist Association. 1889
Waldo Hills Baptist Church. 1862
Stayton. 1851
Riverside. 1887
Lacreole and Its Missions
Monmouth (Airlie). 1889
Gopher Valley. Tillamook
Mouth Hebo. 1893
Western Association
The Central Baptist Association. 1857
First Baptist Church, Salem. 1859
Some Struggling Churches
Enger. 1895
Noble Baptist Church. 1895
Scio. 1859
Lacomb. 1896
Lebanon. 1890
First, Albany. 1867
North Palestine. 1856
Shedd. 1897
Holley. 1890
Brownsville. 1853
Harrisburg. 1891
Of the Withdrawing in 1889
Associational Items
The Corvallis Association. 1856. Umpqua
Elmira. 1896
First Springfield. 1865
First Eugene. 1852
First Oakland. 1884
Roseburg. 1887
Canyonville. 1887
Coos County
First Gardiner. 1883
First Marshfield. 1879
Coquille City
Methods of Associational Work
Associational and District Missionaries
Rogue River Baptist Association. 1876
First Ashland. 1877
Wagner Creek Church (Talent)
First Medford. 1885
New Hope
Williams Creek
First Grants Pass. 1886
Rogue River Association
Eastern Association of Oregon and California. 1881
First Lakeview. 1881
Eastern Association of California and Oregon
Malheur and Harney Counties
Mount Pleasant and Eastern Oregon Associations
Burns. 1894
Grande Ronde Association
LaGrande. 1873
Baker City. 1874
North Powder. 1881 (Bethel)
Enterprise. 1888
Cove. 1867
Haines. 1886
Grand Ronde Association
Elgin. 1886
Eastern Oregon Baptist Association. 1894
Weston. 1866
Helix. 1893
Adams. 1884
District Missionary Work in Eastern Oregon
Middle Oregon Association
Prineville. 1872
Mayville. 1884
Condon. 1898
Fox Valley. 1888
First Fossil. 1896
Moro. 1881
Grass Valley. 1894
Arlington. 1896
Schutter's Flat. 1883
Associational Sundries
Associational Missionaries
Needy Fields
Chinese Mission Work
Foreign Associations
German Work
The German Baptist Church at Bethany
First German Baptist Church of Salem. 1890
First German Baptist Church of Portland. 1891
First German Baptist Church of Stafford. 1892
First German Baptist Church of Turner. 1895
First German Baptist Church of Salt Creek. 1896
First German Baptist Church of Albany. 1898
Scandinavian Work
First Scandinavian Baptist Church, Portland
First Swedish Baptist Church of Astoria. 1897
Nehalem Valley Swedish Church. 1881
The Deep Creek Scandinavian Baptist Church
The Fish Hawk Scandinavian Baptist Church
First Swedish Baptist Church Tillamook. 1900
Retrospect and Prospect
Sunday School Work
Sunday School Clippings
Denominational Literature
The Man Needed in Oregon
Popular Questions-How Regarded by Baptists
Young People's Work
Young People's Societies of McMinnville College
Y. M. C. A. of McMinnville College. 1904
Y. W. C. A. of McMinnville, Oregon
The Pacific Baptist
The Baptist Sentinel
The Oregon Baptist State Convention
Oregon Baptist State Convention. 1900
North Pacific Coast Baptist Convention. 1892 (East Oregon)
John Edward Horn
The Work of Eastern Societies
Foreign Missions
Women's Baptist Foreign Mission Society
Brief Summary of W. B. F. M. S. of Oregon
A. B. H. M. Society
The Society's Methods and Workers
The Church Edifice Work
Landmark Question and Home Mission Society
Women's Baptist Home Mission Society
American Baptist Publication Society
The Chapel Car
Literature of Publication Society
The Colporter
The Gospel Wagon
Educational Work
McMinnville College
Scholarships and Endowment Funds
Middle Oregon Academy
Retrospective and Prospective
Neglect of the Country
The Landmark Question
Building for the Future
One Hundred Fifty Pioneer Baptist Workers
Oregon Churches
Foreign Organizations
Associations Meetinghouses
Associational Aggregates

THE SIXTH PERIOD: By Leaps and Bounds. From 1900 to 1910