To my dear friends, who, for so long a time, have so kindly ministered to me in my helpless affliction. I most cordially and affectionately dedicate to you my Second Volume of Baptist labors on the North Pacific Coast.


Complimentaries of Volume I

Volume I of Baptist Annals has been published about seven years. Public expression is unanimously commendatory, so far as public criticism goes. I append the key note of the prominent thought of a few criticisms receive, the exact language of the writers:

"I have seen nothing so complete."-Rev. H. L. Morehouse, D. D., Cor. Sec. A. B. H.M. Society, N. Y.

"The Book is invaluable; a remarkable one."-Rev. Franklin Johnson, Chicago, Ill.

"The book is to me of thrilling interest."-Rev. E. K. Chandler, D. D.

"The book is just what it claims to be; we commend it most heartily."-Rev. C. A. Wooddy, D. D., Dist. Sec.

"They should be placed in all our churches and let people know that we have something good."-Rev. W. J. Crawford, A. M., B. D.

"This book is commended to all lovers of truth about the grand pioneers who laid foundations on which their mover favored successors are building."-Hon. W. Carey Johnson, L. L. D.

"I had to cease reading on trains, but your book kept me at it all of my last trip."-Rev. Leonard W. Riley, D. D.

"We cheerfully commend it heartily."-Pacific Baptist, March 21, 1906.

"No pastor on the Pacific Coast can do without it nor ought to."-Rev. J. Cairns, Fremond, Washington.

"The Publishing Committee of the O. B. State Convention superintended the work. The book is unique. In no other part of our country have the Baptist records been preserved so carefully from the first, and no other writer collated those that exist with the patience and exactness employed."-Baptist Standard, Chicago.

"He has done his work carefully, conscientiously, fully; his material is of inestimable value, and has rendered the Baptists a great service."-Report of Committee of State Convention.

"I regard it as most wonderfully informing and valuable."-Rev. A. J. Hunsaker.

"Probably no veteran living could better furnish authentic information regarding the periods covered by these two volumes."-Rev. Prof. F. G. Boughton, McMinnville College.