EXELL, JOSEPH SAMUEL: Church of England; b. at Melksham (11 m. e.s.e. of Bath), Wiltshire, May 29, 1849. He studied at Taunton and Sheffield Colleges, was ordered deacon in 1881, and ordained priest in 1882. From 1881-84 he was curate of Weston-super-Mare, Somersetshire, and in 1884-90 vicar of Townstall with St. Saviour, Somersetshire. Since 1890 he has been rector of Stoke-Fleming, Dartmouth, Devonshire. He collaborated with Canon H. D. M. Spence in editing The Pulpit Commentary (London, 1880 sqq.) and The Homiletical Library (1882 sqq.); and with H. D. M. Spence and C. Neil in editing Thirty Thousand Thoughts, Being Extracts Covering a Comprehensive Circle of Religious and Allied Topics (6 vols., 1884-1888); he has been editor of The Lay Preacher (London, 1875 sqq.) in collaboration with J. E. Hargreaves; and sole editor of The Study and the Pulpit (1876-77); The Homiletic Quarterly (1880 sqq.); Heart Chords (1883 sqq.); and The Monthly Interpreter (Edinburgh, 1885 sqq.). To the Homiletical Library he has contributed Homiletical Commentary on the Book of Exodus (London, 1879) and Homiletical Commentary on the Book of Genesis (1885; in collaboration with . H. Leale); and has also written Practical Readings in the Book of Jonah (Peterborough, 1874) and The Biblical Illustrator (London, 1887 sqq.).