EUTYCHIUS OF ALEXANDRIA (also known by the Arabic name Sa’id ibn Batrik): Melchite patriarch of Alexandria Feb. 7, 933 to May 11, 940; b. in Fostat (the modern Cairo) 876; d. 940. Before entering upon the clerical estate he had been a physician, and had also pursued historical studies. As patriarch, he had to endure severe conflicts with the Jacobite Copts. His writings in Arabic, only in part preserved, are of medical, theological, and historical content. His principal work is the "String of Pearls" (Arab. Nazm al-jawahir), i.e., "Compend of History." It is a narrative from the creation of the world to 938, and comprises Biblical, profane, and ecclesiastical history. It contains many remarkable data, otherwise unknown, and valuable contributions to the history of Nestorianism and Monophysitism. The edition of Edward Pococke (2 vols., Oxford, 1654-56), is reprinted in MPG, cxi. 889-1232; and in 1906 a new edition by L. Cheikho, in Arabic and Latin, was begun in the Corpus scriptorum Christianorum orientalium (Paris).