EULOGIUS, yu-lō'jî-us, OF ALEXANDRIA: Patriarch of Alexandria 580-607, succeeding John IV. He was originally presbyter and abbot of the monastery of Mary in Antioch, and combated the Monophysite heresy in numerous works, of which a number were read by Photius (Bibliotheca, codex ccxxvi.). O. Bardenhewer has edited, in Greek and German, excerpts preserved from his work "On the Trinity" (TQ, lxxviii., 1896, pp. 354-401). A sermon on Palm Sunday (Matt. xxi.) and fragments of other works were collected by Mai (MPG, lxxxvi. 2, pp. 2907-64). Eulogius is revered as a saint by the Greeks on Feb. 13 and by the Latins on Sept. 13.