EPIPHANIUS SCHOLASTICUS: A friend and assistant of Cassiodorus (q.v.) at whose request he translated many Greek works into Latin, viz.: (1) the church histories of Socrates, Sozomen, and Theodoret, which he combined into one; under the name of Historia tripartita, it was the most popular compendium on its subject in the Middle Ages; (2) the collection of synodical epistles sent to the emperor Leo I. in defense of the Council of Chalcedon and in condemnation of Timotheus Ælurus (generally known as the Codex Encyclius); (3) the commentary of Didymus the Blind on the Catholic Epistles; (4) the commentary of Epiphanius of Salamis on the Song of Solomon.



Bibliography: Ceillier, Auteurs sacrés, viii. 524, xi. 102; DCB, ii. 159-160.