ENGELHARDT, JOHANN GEORG VEIT: German theologian and church historian; b. at Neustadt-an-der-Aisch (20 m. n.n.e. of Anspach) Nov. 12, 1791; d. at Erlangen Sept. 13, 1855. He was educated in his native town, in Baireuth, and at the University of Erlangen, and became deacon at the Altstädter Kirche and professor at the gymnasium in 1817. Three years later he entered the faculty of the university as privat-docent, was appointed associate professor of theology in 1821 and full professor in the following year, holding this position until his death. From 1845 to 1848 he represented his university in the House of Deputies. Engelhardt's early plan of preparing a history of mystical theology was never carried out, although he made thorough preliminary studies of Plotinus, Dionysius the Areopagite, and Richard of St. Victor. He also devoted himself to Irenæus, Tertullian, the entire field of patristics, and to ecclesiastical and dogmatic history. In addition to numerous programs and studies in the ZHT, his principal works were as follows: Dissertatio de Dionysio plotinizante (Erlangen, 1820); Die angeblichen Schriften des Areopagiten Dionysius (2 parts, 1823); Leitfaden zu Vorlesungen über Patristik (1823); Kirchengeschichtliche Abhandlungen (1832); Handbuch der Kirchengeschichte (4 vols., 1833 34); Richard von St. Viktor und Johann Ruysbroek (1838); Auslegung des spekulativen Teils des Evangeliums Johannis durch einen deutschen mystischen Theologen des vierzehnten Jahrhunderts, aus einer deutachen Handschrift der königlichen Bibliothek in München (Neustadt-ander-Aisch, 1839); and Dogmengeschichte (2 vols., 1839).

(J. J. HERZOG †.)