EMILIE JULIANE, COUNTESS OF SCHWARZBURG: Hymn-writer; b. at the Heidecksburg near Rudolstadt (18 m. s. of Weimar), Aug. 19, 1637; d. at Rudolstadt Dec. 3, 1706. Her parents died while she was a child, and her relatives, the Count and Countess of Schwarzburg, brought her up in strict orthodox fashion. In 1665 she was married to her cousin, Count Albert Anton of Schwarzburg. Her husband's former tutor, the learned but pietistic Ahasverus Fritsch, won great influence over her, which appears in the pietistic character of many of her religious songs. Most of these are too subjective and diffuse for congregational use; but a few like "Bis hierher hat mich Gott gebracht" ("Thus far the Lord has led me on") and "Wer weiss, wie nahe mir mein Ende?" ("Who knows how near my end may be?") have found a permanent place in German hymn-books. Her songs were published at Rudolstadt in various collections from 1683 to 1770. A selection may be found in J. L. Pasig, Der Gräfin Emilie Juliane von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt geistliche Lieder (Halle, 1855), accompanied by a biography.