ELTZHOLTZ, CARL FREDERICK: Methodist Episcopalian; b. at Brahetrolleborg (35 m. s.e. of Fredericia), Denmark, Oct. 10, 1840. He was graduated at the nautical institute at Svenborg, Denmark, in 1861. In 1867 he became a clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and has held charges in Wisconsin, Chicago, Denmark, and California. For six years he was presiding elder among the Norwegians and Danes in the Omaha District, and since 1898 has been editor of Den Kristelige Talsmand, a Dano-Norwegian organ of his denomination. He was the founder, in 1878, of the Danish temperance movement. He has written Livsbilleder af John Wesley (Chicago, 1903); Livsbilleder af O. P. Petersen (1903); My Brother's Keeper (1908); and J. Wesley's Conversion and Sanctification (1908).