ELLIS, GEORGE EDWARD: Unitarian; b. at Boston Aug. 8, 1814; d. there Dec. 20, 1894. He was graduated at Harvard College in 1833, and the Harvard Divinity School in 1836. He then devoted four years to travel and study in Europe, was ordained in 1840 and was pastor of the Harvard Unitarian Society, Cambridge, Mass., 1840-69. From 1857 to 1863 he was professor of systematic theology in Harvard Divinity School. For several years he was editor of the Christian Register and later of The Christian Examiner. He wrote A Half-Century of the Unitarian Controversy, with Particular Reference to its Origin, its Course, and its Prominent Subjects among the Congregationalists of Massachusetts (Boston, 1857); Aims and Purposes of the Founders of Massachusetts, and their Treatment of Intruders and Dissentients (1869); Introduction to the History of the First Church in Boston, 1630-1880 (1882); The Red Man and the White Man in North America (1882); and The Puritan Age and Rule in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay (1888).