ELLIOTT, DAVID: American Presbyterian; b. in Sherman's Valley, Perry Co., Penn., Feb. 6, 1787; d. at Allegheny, Penn., Mar. 18, 1874. After his graduation from Dickinson College in 1808 he studied theology for three years and was licensed to preach as a probationer by the presbytery of Carlyle Sept. 26, 1811. He was pastor at Mercersburg, Penn., from Feb. 19, 1812, to Oct. 28, 1829, and at Washington from 1829 to 1836, and was also acting president of Washington College from 1829 to 1832, when he completely reorganized and revived that institution. He declined the appointment as permanent president, but was president of the board of trustees for thirty-three years. From 1836 to 1854 he was professor of theology in the Western Theological Seminary, at Allegheny, Penn., and from 1854 till his death professor of polemic, history, and pastoral theology in the same institution, becoming professor emeritus in 1870. He was often a member of the General Assembly, and as moderator of that body in 1837, when the Church was divided, he distinguished himself by the fairness and accuracy of his decisions.