ELLICOTT, CHARLES JOHN: Bishop of Gloucester; b. at Whitwell (21 m. e. of Leicester), Rutlandshire, Apr. 25, 1819; d. at Birchington-on-Sea (17 m. n. of Dover), Kent, Oct. 15, 1905. He studied at St. John's College, Cambridge (B.A., 1841), where he was fellow 1845-48, and was ordered deacon in 1845 and ordained priest in 1846. From 1848 to 1861 he was professor of divinity in King's College, London, and also rector of Pilton, Rutlandshire, until 1858. In 1860 he was appointed Hulsean professor of divinity at Cambridge, but in the following year resigned both professorships on being appointed dean of Exeter. In 1863 he was consecrated bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, and on the division of the see in 1897 became bishop of Gloucester, resigning his diocese in 1904. He was Hulsean lecturer at Cambridge in 1858, a member of the royal commission on ritual and the rubrics in 1867, and was chairman of the British New Testament Revision Company 1870-81. He wrote The History and Obligation of the Sabbath (Cambridge, 1844); Treatise on Analytical Statistics (1851); Critical and Grammatical Commentary on Galatians (London, 1854); Ephesians (1855); Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon (1857); Thessalonians (1858); Pastoral Epistles (1858); Historical Lectures on the Life of our Lord Jesus Christ (Hulsean Lectures for 1859; 1860); Considerations on the Revision of the English Version of the New Testament (1870); Modern Unbelief, its Principles and Characteristics (1876); The Present Dangers of the Church of England (1878); The Being of God (1880); Are we to modify Fundamental Doctrine? (Bristol, 1885); I Corinthians, with a Critical Commentary (London, 1887); Spiritual Needs in Country Parishes (1888); Christus Comprobator (1891); Sacred Study (2 vols., 1892 94); Our Reformed Church and its Present Troubles (1897); The Revised Version of Holy Scripture (1901); and Sermons at Gloucester (1905). He also edited A New Testament Commentary for English Readers (3 vols., London, 1877-82) and An Old Testament Commentary for English Readers (5 vols., 1882-84).