EGLI, EMIL: Swiss theologian; b. at Flaach (15 m. n.n.e. of Zurich) Jan. 9, 1848; d. in Zurich Dec. 31, 1908. He was educated at the University of Zurich, held charges in its canton, became tutor in its university in 1880 and later full professor of church history. He was the foremost Zwingli scholar of his time and made remarkable contributions to Zwingliana and to Zurich reformation history, e.g., Actensammlung zur Geschichte der Zürcher Reformation in den Jahren 1519-1533 (Zurich, 1879); Analecta Reformatoria, I. Dokumente and Abhandlungen zur Geschichte Zwinglis und seiner Zeit, II. Biographien : Bibliander, Ceporin, Johannes Bullinger (2 vols., 1899-1901); his editorship of Zwingliana, the semi-annual publication since 1897 of the Zwingli Museum in Zurich; and chiefly since 1904, and in conjunction with Georg Finsler, of the probably final edition of Zwingli's Werke (Berlin, vol. i. completed 1905, vol. ii. 1908; vol. iii. was to begin the correspondence).