EDDY, RICHARD: Universalist; b. at Providence, R. I., June 21, 1828; d. at Gloucester, Mass., Aug. 16, 1906. He was graduated at Clinton Theological Seminary, Clinton, N. Y., in 1849, became chaplain of the Sixtieth New York State Volunteers 1861-63, and was lecturer on the history of Universalism at Tuft's College 1882-83 and on the dogmatic history of Universalism at the same institution in 1902 and at St. Lawrence University, Canton, N.Y., in 1906. In theology he based his belief in universal salvation on the will, purpose, and pleasure of God and the mission of Christ, as well as on his acceptance of the doctrine of the remedial character of punishment and the ever-enduring freedom of the human will. He edited the Universalist Quarterly Review 1888-94 and the Universalist Register (the year-book of the denomination) after 1888, and wrote The History of the Sixtieth Regiment New York State Volunteers (Philadelphia, 1864); History of Universalism in America (2 vols., Boston, 1883-85); Alcohol in History (New York, 1888); Alcohol in Society (1890); Universalism in Gloucester, Mass. (Gloucester, Mass., 1894); History of Universalism (1894); and Life of Thomas J. Sawyer (Boston, 1904).