EBNER, MARGARETA: Fourteenth century mystic; b. at Donauwörth (25 m. n. of Augsburg) c. 1291; d. at the convent of Maria Medingen near Dillingen (23 m. n.w. of Augsburg) June 20, 1351. She is not related to Christina Ebner, but descended from a patrician family at Donauwörth and entered the monastery of Dominican nuns at Maria Medingen. On account of a lingering disease she retired from 1312 to 1315 more and more into herself and soon experienced supposed proofs of divine grace, but her life received its decisive tendency only in 1332 by her intercourse with Henry of Nördlingen (q.v.). In her diaries she has related the story of her sufferings and visions, and of her spiritual intercourse with Henry of Nördlingen. Her style lacks variety and a higher flight of thought. Like Christina, she touches historical events of the time. She was highly respected, not only in Medingen, but men like Tauler sought her acquaintance and entered into correspondence with her.



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