EATON, ARTHUR WENTWORTH HAMILTON: Protestant Episcopalian; b. at Kentville, Nova Scotia, Dec. 10, 1849. He was educated at Harvard College (A.B., 1880), and was ordered deacon in 1884 and ordained priest in the following year. After being rector of St. Andrew's, Chestnut Hill, Mass. (1885-86), he spent two years in Europe, and since 1888 has been head of the department of English literature in the Cutler School, New York City. In theology he is a Broad-churchman of the Maurice and Phillips Brooks type. He has written The Heart of the Creeds; Historical Religion in the Light of Modern Thought (New York, 1888); Acadian Legends and Lyrics (1889); The Church of England in Nova Scotia and the Tory Clergy of the Revolution (1891); Tales of a Garrison Town (in collaboration with C. L. Betts; 1892); Acadian Ballads (New York, 1905); and Poems of the Christian Year (1905). He has also edited several works of English literature.