A Hundred Years of Missions

by Delavan Leonard


Title Page



I. The Christian Idea of Missions

II. Missions in the Early Centuries

III. Conversion of Northern and Western Europe

IV. The Non-missionary Centuries

V. Reformation and Discovery of America

VI. Roman Catholic Missions

VII. Preparation for Foreign Missions

VIII. Protestant Missions before Carey

IX. The Carey Epoch

X. The Great Missionary Revival

XI. Genesis of Missions in America

XII. The Phenomenon of Missionary Expansion

XIII. Missions in India

XIV. Missions in Africa; Madagascar

XV. The Islands of the Sea

XVI. Turkish Empire; Persia

XVII. The Chinese Empire; Korea

XVIII. Missions in Japan

XIX. Missions in Spanish America

XX. Missions among the America Indians

XXI. The Land which Remains to be Possessed