The sources for the history of the German Baptists are all written in the German language. Of supreme importance are the Conference Reports, 1851 to 1922, 71 volumes, a complete file of which is in the Seminary library at Rochester, N.Y. Next to these are the files of "Der Sendbote," from August 1858 to the present time, and those of "Die Biene," from 1859 to 1864. Complete files of these papers are very rare, but our Seminary library is in possession of complete files of both papers.

Some of our oldest churches have published short historical sketches of their local work, on the occasion of some anniversary. The booklet on the early history of the Philadelphia church, written by J. A. Schulte, is exceptionally full of interesting material. In briefer form are the sketches of the following churches: Rochester, Milwaukee, Peoria, Berlin, Pittsburgh, Spruce Street and High Street churches, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Kankakee. There may be others, but the writer does not know of them.

Other books and pamphlets, containing important historical material are the following: "Blooming Grove," by Joseph H. McMinn, written in 1901, and contains the early history of the "Tunkers" and their relation to the Fleischmann movement in 1840. This is in English. "Erinnerungen," by G. A. Schulte, exceptionally valuable, being the story of the development of our General work and pen pictures of the trials and triumphs of the First German Church in New York City during the long pastorate there of the author of the book. "Leben von A. Rauschenbusch," by Walter Rauschenbusch, valuable for the history of the planting of the first German churches in Ontario, and the history of the German Department of the Seminary from its beginning to about 1900. "Ueberblick uber die Geschichte der deutschen Baptisten" and "Funfzigjahrige Geschichte des theologischen Seminars," both out of print, and "Kurze Geschichte der Baptisten," probably not to be had any more, written by A. J. Ramaker. "Die historische Missionspredigt," by S. C. Grimmell. "Die Mission der deutschen Baptisten in Kamerun," by E. Scheve. "Deer Weltkrieg und die christlichen Missionen in Kamerun," by C. S. Bender. "Erlebnisse im Missionsdienst in Kamerun," by S. Hofmeister, 2 vols.