Twenty-fifth Day: "Thou preparest a table before me."
THERE is a sudden change here in the figure of the psalm. In many of the preceding thoughts we have been walking, but now the picture is that of feasting.

But this is always true; when one walks with God, he always feasts.

And it is a prepared feast; God had our needs in mind when he spread it. There is there that which will overcome our discontent, and there is food which will cause us all to rejoice even in the face of disappointment.

"I say it over and over, and yet again today
It rests my heart as surely as it did yesterday;
'It is the Lord's appointment;'
Whatever my work may be,
I am sure in my heart of hearts
He has offered it for me.

"I must say it over and over, and yet again today,
For my work is somewhat different from yesterday;
`It is the Lord's appointment;'
It quiets my restless will
Like voice of tender mother,
And my heart and will are still.

"I will say it over and over, this and every day,
Whatsoever the Master orders, come what may,
'It is the Lord's appointment;'
For only his love can see
What is wisest, best, and right,
What is truly good for me."

He places before us just that which may produce well-rounded, symmetrical Christian character. But, as we might starve in the presence of a well-laden board, so in spite of all God's gracious provision we may remain children in weakness, and miserably fail; on the other hand, he that eateth shall never hunger.

1. Whatever other interpretation may be given to our feeding upon Christ, this at least is true we must take time to do it, and time must be taken today to satisfy the soul's needs.
2. It is not what we eat, but what is digested that gives strength to the body; so it is what you shall meditate upon today that will make you strong in the Lord.
3. Gratitude is the golden key that unlocks and keeps open the rich storehouse of God's best gifts; so make your requests known "with thanksgiving" for the prepared table.