Twenty-second Day: "Thou art with me."
Do you notice the change in the person of the pronoun here? In other instances the Psalmist has spoken of his Lord in the third person; but now, as he comes into the shadows, he comes nearer to him; and says "Thou."

It is all very well to speak in general terms when all goes well with us; but the darkness is upon us and the heart-strings almost snap; it is better far to avail ourselves of our birthright privilege and say, "Thou art with me;" I will fear no evil.

Doubtless this day shall mean something of disappointment and trial, but the sting will be taken out of it when we remember that He is with us "whose fan is in his hand." The fan was a rude instrument used to separate the chaff from the wheat, and our Lord is dealing with us for the same reason. He will not permit more of trial than we can stand or need. Let us rejoice that the fan is not in the hands of our enemies--they would make us suffer too much, nor in the hands of our friends--for they would make it too easy, but in His who walks with us every hour of every day.

1. Remember that whom the Lord loveth he chastiseth.
2. Picture Job's suffering and Paul's trials then thank God that, while you have nothing so heavy, you do have Christ,
3. Remember that if we suffer with him, we shall also share in his glory. Then thank God for trial.