First Day: "The LORD is my shepherd."
IT is said that whenever we find the Lord's name written in small capitals in the Old Testament, we are to remember that the thought is to be concerning Jehovah. The Israelites spoke his name but once a year, and then the high priest was the speaker, and the place was the most holy place. They had such a reverence, not only for Jehovah but also for his very name, that they would not set their feet upon a piece of parchment for fear his name might be upon the other side. And he whom Israel thus rev erenced is your Lord for this day. Is there any reason why it may not be a day of victory?

In different places in the Old Testament this very name Jehovah is used with added emphasis, as if to make plain what he would be to Israel.

Jehovah; that is, "I am that I am," Exod. 6: 3. Since we live in the New Testament times, it is our privilege to finish the sentence, making him to be all that our souls long for. I am thy life, thy strength, thy soul's delight; "I will guide thee with mine eye."

Jehovah-jireh; Gen. 22: 14; that is, "The Lord will provide." "No good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly." Every hour of this day his strength shall counteract thy weakness; his rest shall be in place of thy restlessness; he himself shall guard thee from every

Jehovah-nissi; that is, "Jehovah my banner," Exod. 17 : 15. There was to be fighting that day with Amalek, and Moses knew that victory was his because Jehovah was his secret of strength. There will be temptations for you this day, but temptation is not sin; yielding is sin. But no temptation can overtake you and cause defeat if the Lord be given the mastery of your life.

Jehovah-shalom; that is, "Jehovah send peace", Judg. 6 :24. And he will give peace in the place
of unrest, because he gives himself. It is every Christian's privilege to claim the Lord in all his fulness. Do this for today, and victory is certain.

1. Realize, if you can, your own weakness. This will show you how dangerous your position is and how liable you are to fall.
2. Conceive, if you can, his mighty strength, and then realize that he is yours to stand between you and every temptation and trial.
3. Over and over this day keep saying, "If God be for me, who can be against me?"
4. Commit your way to him, and let him be responsible at least for this one day of your life.