REINECCIUS, rai-nec'î-us (RENECCIUS), JAKOB: German Lutheran; b. at Salzwedel (54 m. n.n.w. of Magdeburg) 1572 (1571); d. at Hamburg June 28, 1613. He was educated at Wittenberg, and after being pastor at Tangermünde, was called, in 1601, to St. Peter's, Berlin, as pastor and provost. In 1609 he was installed as pastor of St. Catherine's, Hamburg, and after 1612 was also inspector of a new gymnasium erected at Hamburg. His chief writings, besides collections of sermons, were as follows: Panoplia sive armatura theologica (Wittenberg, 1609); Clavis sacrœ theologiœ (2 vols., Hamburg, 1611); Fragstücke vom heiligen Abendmahl (1611); Veteris ac Novi Testamenti convenientia et differentia (1612); Calvinianorum ortus, cursis et exitus (1612); Theologiœ libri duo (1613); Verœ ecclesiœ inventio et dispositio (1613); Justum Christi tribunal (1613); and the posthumous Epistola contra fœdera (Rostock, 1625).