REICHEL, rai'shel, OSWALD JOSEPH: Church of England; b. at Ockbrook (33 m. s. of Sheffield) Feb. 2, 1840. He received his education at Queen's College, Oxford, where he was Taylorian scholar, Ellerton theological essayist, and Johnson and Denyer theological scholar; was made deacon and priest, 1865; served that year as curate of North Hincksey, Berkshire; was vice-principal of Cuddesdon College, Oxford, 1865-70; and vicar of Sparsholt with Kingston-Lisle, 1869-86. He translated E. Zeller's Socrates and the Socratic Schools (London, 1868), and his Stoics, Epicureans, and Sceptics (1870); edited and continued the family tree from documents begun and continued by ancestors in 1620,1690,1787, and 1820 (1878); and has written The Duty of the Church in Respect of Christian Missions (1866); The See of Rome in the Middle Ages (1870); Sparsholt Feast (1883); English Liturgical Vestments in the Thirteenth Century (1895); Solemn Mass at Rome in the Ninth Century (1895); A Complete Manual of Canon Law (2 vols., 1895-96); and a number of brochures on local history and antiquities.