REED, RICHARD CLARK: Southern Presbyterian; b. at Harrison, Tenn., Jan. 24, 1851. He was graduated at King College, Bristol, Tenn. (A.B., 1873), and at Union Theological Seminary, Hampden-Sidney, Va. (1876); became pastor at Charlotte Court House, Va., 1877; Franklin, Tenn., 1885; of the Second Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, N. C., in 1889; and of Woodland Street Church, Nashville, Tenn., in 1892. Since 1898 he has been professor of church history in the Presbyterian Theological Seminary at Columbia, S. C. In theology he is a conservative, "loyal to the Calvinistic system as contained in the Westminster Standards." He has written The Gospel as Taught by Calvin (Richmond, Va., 1896); History of the Presbyterian Churches of the World (Philadelphia, 1905); John Knox, his Field and his Work (Richmond, 1905); and Presbyterian Doctrines (1906).