RAYMOND, SAINT, OF PENNAFORTE: B. at Barcelona toward the close of the twelfth century; d. Jan. 6, 1275. He studied in his native city and at Bologna; was made canon in the cathedral of Barcelona; entered the Dominican order in 1222; was made confessor to Gregory IX. in 1230, and general of his order in 1238; but resigned in 1240 in order to devote himself to the conversion of the heretics and unbelievers in Spain. He was canonized in 1601, and his day is Jan 23. He wrote a Compilatio nova decretalium Gregorii IX. (Strasburg, 1470?); Dubitalia cum responsionibus ad quœdam capita missa ad pontificem (published by J. F. von Schulte, Vienna, 1868); and a Summa de pœnitentia et matrimonio (Rome, 1603).