RANDOLPH, ran'delf, BERKELEY WILLIAM: Church of England; b. at Riverhead (20 m. s.e. of London), Kent, Mar. 10, 1858. He was educated at Haileybury and Balliol College, Oxford (B.A., 1879), and was ordered deacon in 1881 and priested in the following year. He was fellow of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury (1880-83), and principal of St. Stephen's House, Oxford (1884-85); and domestic chaplain to the bishop of Lincoln until 1890. He was then vice-principal of Ely Theo-logical College for a year, and since 1891 has been principal of the same institution, as well as canon of Ely and examining chaplain to the bishop of Lincoln. Theologically he describes himself as a "Prayer Book Churchman," and has written The Law of Sinai, being devotional Addresses on the Ten Commandments (London, 1896); The Threshold of the Sanctuary, being short Chapters on Preparation for Holy Orders (1897); Meditations on the Old Testament for every Day of the Year (1899); The Psalms of David, with brief Notes for Use in Church or at Home (1900); The Example of the Passion (1901); Meditations on the New Testament for every Day of the Year (1902); The Virgin Birth of Our Lord (1903); Ember Thoughts (1903); The Empty Tomb (1906); Christ in the Old Testament (1907); Holy Eucharist-Sacrifice and Feast (1908); and Precious Blood of Christ (1909); and editions of J. Keble's Letters of Spiritual Counsel and Guidance (London, 1904), W. Laud's Private Devotions (1905), and Fenelon's Letters and Counsels (1906).