PUENJER, GEORG CHRISTIAN BERNHARD: Protestant theologian; b. at Friedrichskoog (56 m. n.w. of Hamburg), Sleswick-Holstein, June 7, 1850; d. at Jena May 13, 1885. He was educated at Jena, Erlangen, Zurich, and Kiel, 1870-74; became privat-docent in the theological faculty of Jena, 1878; and professor extraordinary, 1880. He was the author of De M. Serveti doctrina (Jena, 1876); Geschichte der christlichen Religionsphilosophie seit der Reformation (2 vols., Brunswick, 1880-83; Eng. transl., History of the Christian Philosophy of Religion from the Reformation, Edinburgh, 1887); Grundriss der Religionsphilosophie, ed. R. A. Lipsius (1886); and founder and editor of the Theologischer Jahresbericht (Leipsic, 1882-85).