PROCTER, JOHN: English Dominican; b. at Manchester Jan. 23, 1849. He was educated at the Dominican colleges at Hinckley (1863-66) and London (1867-72) and at the University of Louvain (1872-74; S.T.L., 1874). In 1872 he was ordained to the priesthood, and in 1866-72, 1874-78, 18821883, and 1885-1900 was stationed at St. Dominic's Priory, London, and also conducted a large number of missions and retreats in England, Ireland, Scotland, and the United States. He has been superior of the Dominican Houses in Newcastle-on-Tyne (1878-82), Leicester (1883-85), and London (1888-94), and was provincial of his order from 1894 to 1902. Since 1906 he has been parish priest of St. Dominic's Priory Church, London. He has written Savonarola and the Reformation (London, 1898); Saint Sebastian, Lay-Apostle and Martyr (1899); The Rosary Confraternity (1899); The Living Rosary (1900); Indulgences (1900); The Catholic Creed; or, What do Catholics believe? (1900); The Rosary Guide for Priests and People (1901); The Dominican Tertiary's Daily Manual (1901); The Perpetual Rosary (1904); and Ritual in Catholic Worship (1906). He has likewise edited the anonymous Short Lives of the Dominican Saints (London, 1900); T. A. Drane's Spirit of the Dominican Order (1897) and Daily Life of a Religious (1898); and M. E. Capes' Flower of the New World (1899), and has translated Savonarola's Triumph of the Cross (1901) and St. Thomas Aquinas' Apology for the Religious Orders (1902) and The Religious State, the Episcopate, and the Priestly Office (1902).