PIERSON, ARTHUR TAPPAN: Presbyterian; b. at New York City Mar. 6, 1837. He was graduated at Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. (A.B., 1857), and Union Theological Seminary (1860), being minister of the Congregational Church at Winsted, Conn., in the summers of 1859 and 1860. He was then pastor at Binghampton, N. Y. (1860-1863), Waterford, N. Y. (1863-69), Detroit, Mich. (1869-82), Indianapolis, Ind. (1882-83), Bethany Church, Philadelphia (1883-89), Metropolitan Tabernacle, London (1891-93), and Christ Church, London (1902-03). In 1889-90 he made a missionary tour of the British Isles. Since 1888 he has been editor of the Missionary Review of the World, and was lecturer on missions in Rutgers College in 1891 and Duff lecturer in Scotland in 1892. He has written The Crisis of Missions (New York, 1886); Many Infallible Proofs: Chapters on the Evidences of Christianity (1886); Evangelistic Work in Principle and Practise (1887); Keys to the Word, or, Helps to Bible Study (1887); The Divine Enterprise of Missions (1891); Miracles of Missions (4 vols., 1891-1901); The Divine Art of Preaching (1892); From the Pulpit to the Palm-Branch: Memorial of Charles H. Spurgeon (1892); The Heart of the Gospel (sermons; 1892); New Acts of the Apostles (1894); Life Power, or, Character Culture, and Conduct (1895); Lessons in the School of Prayer (1895); Acts of the Holy Spirit (1895); The Coming of the Lord (1896); Shall we continue in Sin? (1897); In Christ Jesus, or, The Sphere of the Believer's Life. (1898); Catharine of Siena, an ancient Lay Preacher (1898); George Müller of Bristol and his Witness to a Prayer-Hearing God (1899); Forward Movements of the last half Century (1900); Seed Thoughts for Public Speakers (1900); The Modern Mission Century viewed as a Cycle of Divine Working (1901); The Gordian Knot, or, The Problem which baffles Infidelity (1902); The Keswick Movement in Precept and Practice (1903); God's Living Oracles (1904); The Bible and Spiritual Criticism (1906); The Bible and Spiritual Life (1908); and Godly Self-control (1909).