PETRIE, WILLIAM MATTHEW FLINDERS: English Egyptologist; b. in London June 3, 1853. He was educated privately, and in 1875-80 was engaged in surveying early British remains. Since 1880 he has carried on excavations of the utmost importance in Egypt, while since 1892 he has been professor of Egyptology in University College, London, and also in London University since 1907. In 1894 he founded the Egyptian Research Account (q.v.), which became the British School of Archeology in Egypt in 1905, of which he is honorary director; he is likewise on the committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund and the Royal Anthropological Institute. Among his works special mention may be made of the following: Stonehenge (London, 1880); Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh (1883); Tanis (2 parts, 1885-87); Naukratis (1886); A Season in Egypt (1888); Racial Portraits (1888); Historical Scarabs (1889); Hawara, Biahmu, and Arsinoe (1889); Kahun, Gurob, and Hawara (1890); Illahun, Kahun, and Gurob (1891); Tell el Hesy (1891); Medum (1892); Ten Years' Digging in Egypt (1893); Student's History of Egypt (3 parts, 1894-1905); Tell el Amarna (1895); Egyptian Tales (1895); Decorative Art in Egypt (1895); Naqada and Ballas (1896); Koptos (1896); Six Temples at Thebes (1897); Deshasheh (1897); Religion and Conscience in Egypt (1898); Syria and Egypt (2 vols., 1898); Dendereh (1900); Royal Tombs of the First Dynasty (1900); Diospolis Parva (1901); Royal Tombs of the Earliest Dynasties (1901); Abydos (2 parts, 1902-03); Ehnasya (1904); Methods and Aims in Archeology (1904); Researches in Sinai (1906); Hyksos and Israelite Cities (1906); Religion of Ancient Egypt (1906); Janus in Modern L(fe (1907); The Arts and Crafts of Ancient Egypt (1909); and Personal Religion in Egypt before Christianity (1910).