IVEMY, JOSEPH: English Baptist historian; b. at Ringwood (17 m. w.s.w. of Southampton) May 22, 1773; d. in London Feb. 8, 1834. In early life he followed his father's trade, that of a tailor, at Lymington and Portsea; became a church-member in 1790, an itinerant minister in 1794, assistant minister at Wallingford, Berkshire, in 1803; and pastor of the Baptist church in Eagle Street, Holborn, London, in 1805. He was a pronounced opponent of Roman Catholicism, and so denounced the repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts; he was also interested in the abolition of slavery and in missionary operations. His chief significance is as historian of his denomination, by his History of the English Baptists (4 vols., London, 1834), which, however, is criticized as to be used with caution on account of its mistakes. He wrote on other subjects quite voluminously, his works including Brief Sketch of the History of Dissenters (1810), and John Milton, his Life and Times (1833).