FULLONIUS, GULIELMUS (Gulielmus Gnapheus, Willem van de Voldersgraft, Willem de Volder): Protestant theologian; b. at The Hague, Holland, 1493; d. at Norden (75 m. n.w. of Bremen), Hanover, 1568. He received a humanistic education and became at an early age teacher in his native city, but had to flee after various persecutions on account of his faith. From 1535 to 1541 he was rector of the gymnasium in Elbing, then went to Königsberg as counselor of Duke Albert and was active there from 1544 to 1547 as rector of the academy. Expelled also from there he went to East Frisia, where he died. On his theological conflicts see BRIESSMANN, JOHANN; STAPHYLUS, FRIDERICUS.