FULGENTIUS FERRANDUS: Deacon at Carthage; d. there before 547. He suffered banishment from Africa under the Vandal King Thrasamund and accompanied his friend and teacher, Fulgentius of Ruspe (q.v.), into exile to Sardinia, but returned to Africa in 523 and became deacon at Carthage. Nothing is known of his later life. Apart from an anonymously transmitted biography of Fulgentius of Ruspe (MPL, lxv. 117-150), he left behind him several letters and circulars on dogmatic and ethical questions (MPL, lxvii. 887-948). Best known, and of greatest interest as regards church history, is the circular addressed in 546 to the Roman deacons Pelagius and Anatolius on the occasion of the Three Chapter Controversy (q.v.). The title is, Pro epistula Ibœ episcopi Edesseni adeoque de tribus capitulis concilii Chalcedonensis adversus acephalos. Fulgentius expresses himself very positively against the contemplated condemnation of the Three Chapters; and he succeeded in confirming the African bishops in their opposition. There may still be mentioned, as of moment for the history of canon law, his Breviatio canonum (MPL, lxvii. 949-962), a compilation of the church regulations at that time operative in North Africa.