FRONTON, frōn"tōn', DU DUC (also Fronton le Duc; Lat. Fronto Ducœus): A learned Roman Catholic writer; b. at Bordeaux 1558; d. in Paris Sept. 25, 1624. He was a son of a councilor of the parliament of Bordeaux, entered the Society of Jesus in 1577, and acted as teacher at Pont-à-Mousson, Bordeaux, and Paris, where he became librarian of the College of Clermont in 1604. A friend of Casaubon and very well known as a Greek scholar, he revised the text of the works of the Greek Fathers and translated them into Latin, with the addition of notes (Bibliotheca patrum grœco-latina, 2 vols., Paris, 1624). He also wrote three volumes against Du Plessis-Mornay's book on the Eucharist (Bordeaux, 1599-1602).