FRITZSCHE, CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH : Reformed theologian; b. in Nauendorf (10 m. n. of Halle) Aug. 17, 1776; d. at Zurich Oct. 18, 1850. He studied in the Latin school of the Halle orphan asylum and entered the University of Leipsic in 1792; in 1799 he became pastor in Steinbach and Lauterbach near Borna, and in 1809 preacher and superintendent at Dobrilugk. He took a warm interest in the public schools and wrote monographs and articles on the theological questions of the time from the supernaturalistic point of view. When he became too deaf to preach he was made honorary professor of theology at Halle in 1827, ordinary professor in 1830; and held the position till 1848. His writings were collected in two volumes of Opuscula academica (Leipsic, 1838, and Zurich, 1846).