FOSCARARI, EGIDIO: Italian Dominican, bishop of Modena; b. at Bologna Jan. 27, 1512; d. at Rome Dec. 23, 1564. After officiating as lector in various monasteries, he became magister sacri palatii at Rome in 1546. Four years later Julius II. appointed him bishop of Modena, and in this capacity he attended the sessions of the Council of Trent in 1551. When the council was suspended, he returned to his diocese, where he performed his duties in an exemplary manner, but was suspected of heresy by the Inquisition in 1558 and was imprisoned by Paul IV., like his predecessor Giovanni de Morone (q.v.). Although his heterodoxy could not be proved, he did not receive formal absolution until it was granted him by Pius IV. in 1560, whereupon he was permitted to return to his see amid the rejoicings of the people. He was present at the concluding sessions of the council, and was a member of the committees which, after the close of the council, prepared the Index librorum prohibitorum, and the Catechismus Romanus, and revised the breviary and missal.