FORNEY, CHRISTIAN HENRY: Church of God; b. at West Hanover, Pa., Oct. 17, 1839. He studied at Oberlin College, but left before taking a degree, and was ordained to the ministry in 1860. After being professor in Mount Joy Academy, Pa., and also pastor of the church of his denomination in the same village 1860-63, he held pastorates at Chambersburg, Pa. (1863-66), Fourth Street Church, Harrisburg, Pa. (1866-68), and Lancaster City, Pa. (1868-70). He was assistant editor of The Church Advocate, the organ of his denomination, 1866-69, and has been editor-in-chief since 1869. He was first chaplain of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 1868-69, and since 1866 has been president of the General Eldership of the Church of God, besides being a member of many boards and committees of the same denomination. He describes himself as "orthodox, evangelical, postmillenarian, antidenominational, three monumental ordinances--baptism, washing the saints' feet, and communion--Arminian in theology." Besides revising and editing J. Winnebrenner's Brief View of the Church of God (Harrisburg, Pa., 1885) and Sermon on Baptism (1885), and M. P. Jewett's The Mode and Subjects of Baptism )1905(, he has written The Christian Ordinances (1883) and Philosophic Basis of Ordinances and Bible Doctrine of Sanctification (1905).