FOREIRO, FRANCISCO (FRANCISCUS FORERIUS): Portuguese Dominican and theologian; b. at Lisbon about the beginning of the sixteenth century; d. at Almada (2 m. s. of Lisbon) Jan. 10, 1581. He was educated in his native city and at Paris, and shortly after his return about 1540 was appointed censor and court-chaplain. He was a royal delegate to the Council of Trent in 1561, and was appointed, together with Marino, archbishop of Lanciano, and Foscarari, bishop of Modena, to prepare a catechism and to revise the Missal and Breviary; he was also secretary of a committee to continue the Index librorum prohibitorum. He returned to Portugal in 1566 and was made prior of his monastery, and shortly afterward provincial, but in 1571 he retired to the monastery at Almada, where he lived in strict seclusion for the remainder of his life. His chief works are Isaiæ prophetœ vetus et nova ex Hebraico versio, cum commentario in quo omnes loci quibus sana doctrina adversus hæreticos atque Judæos confirmari potest summo studio ac diligentia explicantur (Venice, 1563); and the unpublished Commentaria in omnes libros prophetarum ac Job, Davidis et Salomonis and Lucubrationes in evangelia quæ per totum anni curriculum leguntur.