FORBES, PATRICK: Bishop of Aberdeen; b. probably at Corse (30 m. n. w. of Aberdeen), 1564; d. at Aberdeen Mar. 28, 1635. He studied at the universities of Glasgow and St. Andrews under his kinsman Andrew Melville (q.v.). In deference to his father's wishes, he declined a professorship in theology, and did not take orders till 1612, though for years he had been preaching privately at Corse. Prior to his ordination he had begun to hold services in the parish church, but these public ministrations were stopped by royal order. He held the pastoral charge of Keith 1612-18. In 1616 he took a prominent part in the General Assembly, and was placed upon a commission to revise the confession of faith, liturgy, and rules of discipline. In 1618 he was appointed bishop of Aberdeen. He was conspicuously successful in the administration of his diocese, did much to put down existing feuds, and raised the University of Aberdeen to a condition of prosperity. His principal work is An Exquisite Commentary upon the Revelation of St. John (London, 1613; Middelburg, 1614; Lat. transl., Amsterdam, 1646), which is directed against Romanism.