FLOREZ, HENRIQUE: Spanish priest; b. at Valladolid Feb. 14, 1701 (?); d. at Madrid May 5, 1773. He was an Augustinian friar, and became teacher of theology at the University of Alcala, rector of the royal college at the same place, theological adviser for the supreme council of Castile and finally general assistant of his order for the Spanish provinces. He wrote a number of works, of which the most important is the España Sagrada, theatro geografico-historico de la iglesia de España; the first volume appeared at Madrid in 1747, and the work was carried on by Florez to the end of vol. xxix (1775); a continuation, vols. xxx.-xlviii (1775-1862), was made by his fellow Augustinians, Manuel Risco, Antonio Merino, Jose de la Canal, and the town librarian, P. S. de Baranda. The work contains a historical and statistical presentation of the Spanish bishoprics, with their respective chapters and monasteries, and a catalogue of their bishops, martyrs, famous men, etc.