FLINT, ROBERT: Scotch Presbyterian; b. at Dumfries, Scotland, Mar. 14, 1838. He was educated at Glasgow University (1852-59) and was parish minister at East Church, Aberdeen (1859-1862), and at Kilconquhar (1862-64). He was professor of moral philosophy and political economy at St. Andrews University (1864-76) and professor of divinity at Edinburgh University (1876-1903). He was also Baird Lecturer (1876-77), Stone Lecturer at Princeton (1880) and Croall Lecturer at Edinburgh (1887-88). He has written: Christ's Kingdom on Earth (Edinburgh, 1865); Philosophy of History in Europe (1874); Theism (1877); Anti-Theistic Theories (1879); Vico (1884); Historical Philosophy in France, Belgium, and Switzerland (1894); Socialism (London, 1894); Sermons and Addresses (Edinburgh, 1899); Agnosticism (1903); Philosophy as Scientia Scientiarum and History of Classification of Science (1904); and On Theological, Biblical, and other Subjects (1905).