FLIEDNER, flid'ner, FRITZ : The "apostle of the gospel in Spain," son of Theodor Fliedner (q.v.); b. at Kaiserswerth on the Rhine, June 10, 1845; d. at Madrid Apr. 25, 1901. He studied at Halle and Tübingen, and became teacher in a school at Hilden 1868 and chaplain to the legation of the German Empire at Madrid and evangelist in Spain 1870. Besides editing Blätter aus Spanien, Revista Christiana, and Amigo de to infancia, he published (in Spanish) lives of Livingstone, Luther, his father, John Howard, Elizabeth Fry, a hymnbook for Sunday Schools, and various other books of Spanish Christian literature. He also published Blätter und Blüthen, poems (Heidelberg, 1885-97), Römische Missionspraxis auf den Karolinen (1889); Erzählungen aus Spanien (1895), Aus meinem Leben, Erinnerungen und Erfahrungen (Berlin, 1900).