FLICKINGER, DANIEL KUMLER: United Brethren in Christ; b. at Sevenmile, O., May 25, 1824. He was educated at Germantown Academy and was elected corresponding secretary of the United Brethren Church Missionary Society in 1857, being reelected quadrennially until 1885, when he was chosen foreign missionary bishop. He has been to Africa twelve times and to Germany five times on missionary tours, and has done much work upon the frontiers of the United States, and also among the Chinese. He is the author of Off-hand Sketches in Africa (Dayton, O., 1857); Sermons (in collaboration with Rev. W. J. Shuey; 1859); Ethiopia; or, Twenty-six Years of Missionary Life in Western Africa (1877); The Church's Marching Orders (1879); and Our Missionary Work from 1853 to 1889 (1889).