FLEURY, ABBEY OF: Formerly a celebrated Benedictine abbey at Fleury-sur-Loire in the diocese of Orléans and 20 m. e. s. e. of the city. It was founded by Abbot Leodebod of St. Anian, later bishop of Orléans, in the early part of the reign of Clovis II (638-657). The body of St. Benedict was brought here about 653, and this obtained many privileges for the abbey and made it a center of pilgrimage from all parts of Europe. The community was reformed by Odo of Cluny, and it became a famous seat of discipline and learning, which contributed not a little to the support of Dunstan's reforms in England. The school remained in great esteem until the sixteenth century, sometimes having as many as 5,000 pupils, and the library was exceedingly valuable until it was in part scattered by the zeal of the Huguenots (1561). Many of the manuscripts are now preserved in the municipal library of Orleans. Ultimately the monks associated themselves with the congregation of Saint Maur (q.v.).