FLATTICH, JOHANN FRIEDRICH: Swabian preacher and pedagogue; b. at Beihingen near Ludwigsburg (8 m. n. of Stuttgart) Oct. 3, 1713; d. at Münchingen (7 m. n.w. of Stuttgart) June 1, 1797. He went through the usual course of study of the Württemberg theologians, became preacher in Hohenasperg in 1742, in Metterzimmern in 1747, and in Münchingen in 1760. Though he always remained a simple country parson, he possessed a marked personality, an original wit and a clear perception which in its judgment of men and things was remarkably accurate, He was sincere, upright, and courageous enough to tell the truth to the reigning duke and his courtiers. His theological position was that of Bengel, whose disciple he was, and he was as mild as his teacher and avoided all theological and churchly extremes, both of Pietism and of rationalism.


He is chiefly known as a teacher. Even while a student he began to instruct young people from pure love, and continued this activity until his old age. He usually had fifteen to twenty pupils in his home, children and youths from every class and destined for the most different vocations. His methods of teaching were entirely original. By the influence of his vital Christian personality, by the power of his forbearing, active, supplicating love, he made efficient men even from the most cankerous material.