FISCHER, ANTON HUBERT: Cardinal; b. at Jülich (15 m. n.e. of Aachen), Germany, May 30, 1840. He studied in Bonn and Münster, and was ordained to the priesthood at Cologne in 1863. After being instructor in religion at the gymnasium of Essen 1864-88, he was consecrated titular bishop of Juliopolis and suffragan bishop of Cologne. In 1903 he became archbishop of Cologne, and in the same year was created cardinal priest of Santi Nereo ed Achilleo, Rome. He has also been canon of Cologne Cathedral since 1888 and dean of the chapter since 1894, while in 1904 he was nominated to the Prussian House of Lords. Among his writings mention may be made of his De salute infidelium, (Essen, 1886).