FISCH, GEORGES: Swiss Protestant; b. at Nyon (14 m. n. of Geneva), Switzerland, July 6, 1814; d. at Vallorbe (30 m. n.w. of Lausanne) July 3, 1881. After finishing his theological studies at Lausanne he was pastor of a small German church at Vévay for five years. In 1848 he went to Lyons, France, as assistant to Adolphe Monod (q.v.) of the Free Church, whom he succeeded. In 1855 he was called to Paris to succeed Louis Bridel. He was warmly attached to the cause of the Free Churches, took part in the constitutional synod of 1849, and was president of the Synodal Commission from 1863 till his death. He was the chief support of the Evangelical Alliance in France and attended the conferences at London, Paris, Berlin, Geneva, Amsterdam and New York. He was an active member of various home and foreign missionary societies. His principal publications are Union des églises évangéliques de France (Paris, 1862); and Les États-Unis en 1861 (1862).