FINNIAN, SAINT, OF MOVILLE: Irish saint of the "second order"; d. at Moville (at the head of Strangford Lough, 10 m. e. of Belfast), Sept. 10, c. 579. He is said to have been of a noble family, living near Strangford Lough. After studying in his own land, he went to Candida Casa in Galloway (see NINIAN, SAINT), then to Rome. Returning to Ireland he founded the monastery at Moville about 540. It was long a famous and prosperous school, representing North British traditions with those of Rome added, as the foundation of the other Finnian represented Welsh teachings. It is said that he brought from Rome a copy of the Vulgate and from this his disciple Columba transcribed the Psalter. Finnian then claimed the transcription because made from his book, while Columba insisted that it was his because it was his work. The dispute led to a battle and was one of the causes which sent Columba to Scotland (see COLUMBA).