FIFTH MONARCHY MEN: Millenarian enthusiasts of the Commonwealth period in England who believed and taught that Christ was setting up "a fifth monarchy in the world," laid claim to the gift of prophecy, and wished to destroy all anti-Christian "forms" (e.g., an Established Church). Early leaders were Vavasor Powell (d. 1670), a nonconformist minister, who with all his eccentricities seems to have been a man of ability and worth, and Christopher Feake (not heard of after 1660), an irregular preacher. They were bitterly opposed to Cromwell, whom Feake called "the most dissembling and perjured villain in the world." Both were imprisoned by Cromwell, but were leniently treated and they were violent only in word. In Apr., 1657, one Thomas Venner, a cooper, headed a plot for a rising of Fifth Monarchy men in London. It was discovered and Venner was kept in prison till 1659. On Jan. 6, 1661, he set out with a considerable following to overthrow the government. They marched the streets with the cry "Long live King Jesus," until they were dispersed by the guards. Three days later the remnant of them was captured. Veneer was hanged and quartered on Jan. 19.