FICKER, PAUL GERHARD : German Protestant; b. at Thonberg, a suburb of Leipsic, Feb. 8, 1865. He studied at the University of Leipsic (1884-89; Ph.D., 1889), the theological seminary of St. Pauli in the same city (1887-89), and the German Archeological Institute, Rome (1889-90). After being assistant pastor and pastor at Sohland-an-der-Spree, in 1892, he became privat-docent at Halle in 1893. From 1903 to 1906 he was associate professor of church history at that university, and since 1906 has been full professor at Kiel. In 1900-01 he made an archeological tour of Italy, Tunis, Spain, and France. He belongs to the historical school and has written Der Mitralis des Sicardus nach seiner Bedeutung für die Ikonographie des Mittelalters (Leipsic, 1889); Studien zur Hippolytfrage (1893); Studien zu Vigilius von Thapsus (1897); Das ausgehende Mittelalter und sein Verhältnis zur Reformation (1903); Die Petrusakten, Beiträge zu ihrem Verständnis (1903); Bonifatius, der "Apostel der Deutschen" (1905); and Amphilohiana, part i. (1906), besides contributing a translation of the Acts of Peter to Hennecke's Neutestamentliche Apokryphen (Tübingen, 1904).